I’m currently working as a freelance journalist and commentator in the Middle East. Previously I’ve reported from western Europe, the Caucasus and North America, and covered the US presidential primary in New Hampshire in the summer of 2015. Prior to that I served as managing editor of The Enterprise-Bulletin weekly newspaper in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

I’ve reported from the former-Soviet Republic of Georgia south of Russia, Israel, Palestine, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and various locations in western and eastern Canada. I also taught English in Georgia in 2012 while shooting the documentary This is Georgia.

I’ve reported for and contributed to various outlets including BBCReuters, Al Jazeera, The Hill, First Things magazine, The Russell Kirk Center, Washington Examiner, Mediaite, Il Giornale (Italy), Religion Unplugged, New Statesman, Arc Digital, Foreign Policy, The Federalist, Spectator USA, The Week, The American ConservativeNational Newswatchand Roads & Kingdoms. My work has also appeared in the Toronto Sun and Canada’s largest independently-owned newspaper, the Chronicle Herald.

Journalism has taken me into a lot of interesting places and situations, including sporting events, economic discussion panelspress conferences with Donald Trump, gatherings of white nationalists in Hungary and Hasidic pilgrims in Ukraine, around separatist regions in the Caucasus, mingling in crowds of hundreds of Elvis Presley impersonators and to rodeos where the opening act was lighting the ground on fire. Journalism—when it really gets going—is rarely dull. 

If you have a tip, question or comment e-mail me at paul.rowan.brian@gmail.com or tweet me. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn and take a look at my YouTube channel.

I’m always open to receiving commissions. Thanks for visiting!


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