Muslims And Christians Should Work Together To Support Family And Human FlourishingThe Public Discourse (5/8/2018)

Get ready for the rise of Rob Ford’s brother – The American Conservative (3/20/2018)

Trump tariffs on aluminum and steel likely to backfire – The Daily Caller (2/15/2018)

The Pathetic Inadequacy of the Trump OppositionThe American Conservative (2/16/2018)

Opinion: Trump veers off course into misguided confrontation with IranChronicle Herald (9/24/2017)

John Le Carré’s Latest Depicts A Spy Who Should Have Stayed In The Cold – The Federalist (9/15/2017)

Rediscovering the lost tales of F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Federalist (6/9/2017)

Trevor Noah’s memoir will surprise you with his take on religion and politics – The Federalist (12/22/2016)

Pence’s shaming ‘in the room where it happened’ is itself a shameThe Hill (11/19/2016)

Review: The 1985 book that predicted today’s media -and political- madnessThe Federalist (11/4/2016)

Opinion: Trump plays the berserk card for the win in Sunday debateThe Hill (10/10/2016)

Opinion: How low is the bar for presidential candidates, anyway? – The Hill (9/30/2016)

Debate 2016: Trump didn’t win, but neither did Hillary The Hill (9/27/2016)

Syrian-Abkhazian odyssey – Medium (9/15/2016)

Opinion: Hillary Clinton needs to stop promoting the alt-right – The Federalist (8/29/2016)

Review: Can Tribalism Transcend Political Divisions and Create Solidarity?The Federalist (8/12/2016)

Opinion: The Pence pick has potential – The Hill (7/18/2016)

Analysis: China has a Kim Jong Un problem – The Week (1/15/2016)

Opinion: Trudeau faces western Wall – Chronicle Herald (1/14/2016)

Opinion: Canadian arms sale pours fuel on Saudi-Iran fire – Chronicle Herald (1/7/2016)

OpinionBeware perils of pot psychosis – Chronicle Herald (10/30/2015)

Five Britons killed when Canadian whale-watch boat sinks – Reuters (10/25-26/2015)

New Hampshire primary coverage – The Federalist (8/8/2015-9/1/2015)

Crisis averted as Ont. smart meter explodes next to gas line – Toronto Sun (6/3/2015)

Teen girl dies after ski crash near Collingwood, Ont. – Toronto Sun (3/11/2015)

Cold campers rescued by firefighters in Ontario – Toronto Sun (2/15/2015)

Dispatch: The bumbling bigots of Budapest – Foreign Policy (10/13/2014)

The nationalists’ lost mojo – Roads & Kingdoms  (10/9/2014)

Georgian winemakers ready to toast end of EU tariffs – BBC (8/28/2014)

Dispatch: You can’t go home again – Foreign Policy (8/26/2014)

Selfie-Identity – Ethika Politika (5/5/2014)


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